To embrace and cheer on that kind of scaremongering and hate is just horrible. What this normalized for those boys won’t be known for years

Don’t get me wrong: I loved so much about what the Boy Scouts, but I also saw plenty of its bad sides.

Not just a disgrace to @POTUS, a disgrace to scouting as an org. It’s chosen the wrong horse many times and this is another big mistake.

I was in scouts all through my formative years. I met some of the best people I’ve ever known there. What happened tonight is a disgrace.

I really get the feeling that Facebook just reinvented something we’ve had forever and we’re all falling for it.

Can someone tell me the functional difference between GraphQL and a SPARQL/SQL endpoint (excluding security)? It feels the same to me.

Apparently it’s impossible to do anything else while Xcode is “preparing archives”. My laptop is maxed completely.

Trying out switching to for posting to my wordpress blog. Setup was easy so off to a good start.

It’s a lot more jarring than I’d have thought and more than enough to make most podcasts even just a little less enjoyable.

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