I choose to believe that the people who do App Review wear long, dark robes and are lit only by their moniors and the sacred candles that burn by their desks and have done for generations.

App Review feels like a ritualistic ceremony.

You climb the sacred mountain, approach the altar, place your hand-carved bytes on the cold stone, and say a short prayer entitled “Submit For Review”.

The old tales fortell that if you have pleased the great spirits beyond, then six crows will fly from the west and you are “Approved for Sale”.

App Review is experiencing a bug with my latest release that I cannot reproduce. I know where it is, and what causes it, but I don’t know how they triggered it. Anyway, it’s fixed now and I’m back to waiting for approval.

Seems like there’s a bug with posting to WordPress from the Pine.blog app. It’s fixed with the new version that should be out soon.

It seems like there’s a new App Review policy basically every time I go to submit a build.

When did demo videos become a thing?

I think this is the first time in like 5 years that I didn’t watch the WWDC keynote live or watch the videos as they came out.

I haven’t had time yet to get into all the goodness from WWDC. But here’s my take:

  • Swift UI looks amazing. I can’t wait to play with that.
  • I want to play with Catalyst like naow! (Pine.blog for macOS!)
  • Siri Voice improvements are great to see.
  • Dark mode on iOS: 👍
  • Voice Control is really impressive.
  • I don’t care much for Apple Watch or iPad stuff, but both looked pretty cool.
  • That Mac Pro is awesome (and I like how it looks; don’t @ me).
  • $1000 for a stand is absolutely ridiculous.

P.S. I know I’m a week late for hot-takes, but that’s kinda my thing.

Had a little bit of a hiccup there with my microblog.

Unrelated: I can’t wait until I finish the blogging system in Pine.blog.

Linode’s clone feature is super cool!

I’m setting up another feed parsing worker as a clone of the one that’s already there and Linode is cloning it… WHILE IT’S STILL UP!

Me: Excited about what ‘Sign In With Apple’ means for consumer privacy.

Also me: Apple is probably abusing their monopoly position in forcing devs to adopt it and I’m not comfortable with that.

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