Last night’s episode of LWT covers the importance of Open Data in predicting the Weather.

Hint: Open Data is also extremely useful in most everything. So many industries are dependent on free access to data from all sorts of volunteer groups and government agencies.

Is there some business reason that the PS4 has a built in DLNA player? It’s one of my favorite features, but I can’t think of a reason why Sony would want to support it.

Spent most of today finalizing a bunch of new features for I’m essentially just waiting for DNS to migrate, and I’ll be g2g for release.

Image hosting for will be done entirely through B2 for the foreseeable future.

If I can, I’m not adding yet my apps/service to AWS; they control enough of the web already.

Played a lot with B2 yesterday. It’s pretty good and easy to use. Got up and running with a new feature for in just a couple hours.

Been trying to figure out the source of this weird outgoing traffic from my servers today… just realized that it’s my SSH session…

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