Is it just me or does the automatic timezone detection in iOS just not work anymore?

Last three trips I’ve taken I’ve had to set it myself.

It’d be nice if sites could provide this info. Local-based sites could tell search engines where their constituency is likely to be and search engines could promote those results above others.

Is there any way for a website to specify (preferably in its markup) that the document’s contents are relevant to a given geographic area?

It doesn’t seem like there is.

TIL there’s a pager emoji. 📟

Also the Apple TV emoji is solidly stuck in the past. I know it’s more distinctive than just a black rectangle but there has to be something better than 📺

Anyone have thoughts on React Native for Android development?

I know basically nothing about either. Used React extensively but not natively.

Admittedly it wasn’t really my intention to incentivize more in depth reading, but I’ve notified it in myself and I want to figure out how to incentivize it further.

If you’re tired of the news being presented in overly simplistic formats on platforms that discourage reading the whole story check out

I’ve found that I read a lot more articles and understand the news better than I really ever have.

I’ll probably post a full post-mortem in the next few hours.

The Quick Version: The web is pretty large; my servers aren’t.

Well that was fun. was out of commission for the last few hours, but it should be back up at 100% now.

Apologies for the downtime.

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