I technically have a mac app now, in that the iPad version of Pine.blog boots up on my mac. It is awful to use, but it does work.

That all said, I’ve wanted a macOS app for years but never had the time to get into Mac development seriously.

Truthfully, the iOS app tends to lag behind the web version because:

  1. I’m one person working in my spare time.
  2. I’m much more comfortable on the web than in iOS.

A few of my friends at SRTI hav just launched outbreak.info:

[It] shows growth of #COVID19 cases and deaths over time, stratified by country and/or state. Automatically refreshed from @JHUSystems daily.

Congrats to everyone who worked to get this launched!

Really appreciating Gov. Gavin Newsom’s updates. They’re clear, to the point, and frank.

My only feedback is that he could take a breath once and a while. It feels like he’s racing to the end.

Easier Photo Posting

It’s now easier than ever to post a photo on Pine.blog! Just upload a photo and click Post! This will automatically create a new draft and attach the photo; then just click Publish.

Better Image Posting!

Easy Publishing!

This change should make it a lot easier to post photos to your blog. Let me know what you think. As always, Pine.blog aims to make writing and reading stuff on the web easier. If you have other suggestions for how to make Pine.blog easier to use, let me know!

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