I started reading the Federalist Papers after the podcast came out. They’re also really good. What it would be to have podcast by Alexander Hamilton?

Apparently, Amazon is selling their Ring Surveillance Cameras as a device that brings you and your neighbors together. Just wow.

The Joe Biden Strategy:

  • Have a three point plan
  • Forget number two or three but power through it
  • Say “look” and transition quickly to ObamaCare.

Aside from the fires, which continue to increase in intensity and number as the climate crisis worsens and that arguably we can only mitigate anyway. But now I’m off topic.

I bumped Pine.blog to require iOS 13 a while back and because of that it doesn’t run on my iPad Air anymore.

Guess I need to get another iPad. That or go back to supporting iOS 12. 🙅‍♀️

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