As Americans we must remember that our founding creed to fight for Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Prosperity is not a description of what existed at the founding. It’s what we strive to build, what we aim for. It’s the dream we aim to achieve.

If you set a goal to reach 9,000 words (from 6,200) and you’ve finished the section you planned on writing at 8,970 words:

Do you write another section, or is that close enough?

Asking for a friend.

It’s funny that Facebook would start taking immediate and decisive steps to remove misinformation from its site when advertisers started pulling out.

They are the customers. Their boycott matters.

I studied rocket science. This is not it.

Wear a mask. Think of everyone not just yourself. This isn’t hard.

That same article claims that cases could soon reach 100,000 per day.

Per. Damn. Day.

What are we doing?!


Seven in 10 Americans have said they would get vaccines against the virus if immunizations were free and available to everyone…

Only 7 in 10?!

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