I’ll go first. I’m reading a ton more than I used to. Since May I’ve read 4 books start-to-finish, finished 3 in-progress books on my shelf, and I’m halfway through another now.

Poll: Do you find yourself reading more (books, long articles, etc) during the past few months? Yes or No? Why?

If the House Tech hearing isn’t as effective as you were expecting, and you have a better idea or approach, volunteer to help your state and local legislators better understand technology.

Today’s Assignment:

  • Check that you’re registered to vote
  • Fill out the Census

Homework due in November:

  • Vote

There will be a pop quiz.

Today combined a late start with a distraction-filled morning, but somehow I was able to power through to 39,602 words!

I’m 398 words short of a novel… if I was writing a novel.

Learning that the word “definitely” is derived from the word “finite” and not “define” has changed my life. I learned this over a year ago and haven’t misspelled “definitely” since.

Looks like my IFTTT integration was appending a blank link to my cross-posts on Twitter. Should be fixed now.

Yesterday I set out to rearrange and reorganize my bookshelfs. After 4 hours I had successfully reorganized the furnature in my entire apartment. The books were still on the floor.

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