I love it when I fix a bug that makes everything feel nicer to use.

Unrelated: Expect an update to the Pine.blog app soon.

Congrats to the whole team at @adventurercodex. It took a lot longer than we’d hoped, but we pulled through mostly unscathed.

Everyone worked really hard and FWIW I think we did a great job.

Not that I’d ever dream this would happen, but it would be kinda hilarious and awesome if the House and Senate were so disgruntled with Trump that they actually worked together as a check on his presidency.

You could probably guess what episode of the Ezra Klein Show I just finished by just looking at my Amazon cart.

Curse you, end-of-episode book recommendations!

Also, did you know you can listen to articles with Pine.blog? Great for walks and car rides.

The newest iOS update (pending review) will enable you to listen to articles in the background and control the audio from the lock screen.

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