I work in modern JavaScript almost every day (and have for years) and I have no idea what this line does:

(process as { env: { [key: string]: string } }).env.PUBLIC_URL

Granted, this is TypeScript, but that doesn’t add much complexity.

I am super excited for this sauce. Homegrown tomatoes and basil, fresh spices, and made completely from scratch.

Mission Valley, San Diego. Not a shopping mall or too-expensive condo in sight (from the Presidio Museum).

Manton Reece

Not sure where Apple is going with exclusive podcasts, but it’s probably nowhere good. By default I’m against any “podcast” that can’t play in multiple podcast apps because it erodes the openness of the ecosystem.


I’d been using macOS for years beforehand but only on school or work machines. Snow Leopard was my first personal-use version of macOS.

The release version of macOS Catalina will be the 10th version of macOS I’ve used since it became my primary OS.

My first was Snow Leopard.

Marco Arment game me some advice about feed parsing once. Only after running Pine.blog for this long do I believe that I fully understand his advice.

The biggest challenge I’ve faced… is misuse of the GUID element.
Don’t count on it being present, unique, or unchanging.

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