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Although I’m writing an iOS app entirely in Swift there are quite a few days when I wish I was using Objective-C. 

That’s ok Amazon. No company would sign up for AWS with an apostrophe in it’s name. It was completely unforseeable.

Star Wars is the story of a government breakdown and the effects of bad parenting. Also there’s space wizards. 

All of my tweets in the last 2 months have either been during D&D or while I’m waiting for Xcode to do something.

I’ve been pretty happy with El Cap for this long. Goodbye battery-time indicator, boot chime, and many other things…

In other news: Xcode refuses to build before it finishes its arcane indexing. My Macbook Pro sounds like a jet engine.

Apparently posting too many twits (4) has crashed the app on my mac. Software is so great.

Everyone’s already said this but: How did it take this long for Apple to realize that the Mac Pro was under-served?