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If Biden wins the election, and if he even tries to enact some of these recent ideas from his campaign and the Sanders Task Force, then to quote myself:

the left would really need to re-evaluate if they “lost” this cycle.

Nothing illustrates how toxic social media really is like stepping away, and visiting occasionally to find yourself surrounded by firestorms of over-inflated, nuance-less, echo-chamber controversy.

As Americans we must remember that our founding creed to fight for Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Prosperity is not a description of what existed at the founding. It’s what we strive to build, what we aim for. It’s the dream we aim to achieve.

If you set a goal to reach 9,000 words (from 6,200) and you’ve finished the section you planned on writing at 8,970 words:

Do you write another section, or is that close enough?

Asking for a friend.

It’s funny that Facebook would start taking immediate and decisive steps to remove misinformation from its site when advertisers started pulling out.

They are the customers. Their boycott matters.

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