Never forget this: it doesn’t have to continue like this. We can turn this around. There is always a better path forward.

Seeing these things as inevitable only further intrenches us.

The single most prophetic phrase I keep thinking about was uttered at the very start of this in March.

This virus is more patient than we are.

Blocking more aid, letting states and local govts go bankrupt, opening up while cases are rising, not wearing a mask. These are all things we, as a nation, are doing to ourselves.

I don’t like to put a too much stock in human agency during huge crises, but this crisis was and is utterly solvable. We, as a society, choose to let 120k+ die, to let even more to get sick, and to let the economy crash.

Every day that COVID cases rise, or new outbreaks occur, or the economic hardship worses in the U.S. remember:

It didn’t have to be this way, and it doesn’t have to continue like this. We are choosing this path.

We’ve made a huge deal about near 100% uptime, but going down for a few minutes really isn’t that big of a deal.

I obviously don’t want to see websites going down, but whenever a big site has an issue it reminds me that they too are run by humans and that their servers have occasional problems.

I’m so happy with this feature. My account now recieves webmentions on behalf of all my sites.

X-Site Webmentions

I would have used their Object Storage, but it wasn’t out when I needed it and B2 is also quite good (which is what I use).

Linode is really good. I have to use Cloudflare for some of my DNS and while it is also really good, I’m always a bit bummed that I can’t just use Linode for everything.

This WWDC keynote had lots of great stuff, exciting Mac transition, great privacy enhancements, proper social distancing, and a good feel to it.

This new macOS UI though…

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