Been looking at getting a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Can’t stand BT earbuds and over the ear are too heavy/awkward for active use.

Pro Tip: When copying code from an answer on Stack Overflow, include a link to the answer in the comments. You’ll thank yourself later.screenshot-2016-09-26-15-48-35

My favorite feature of Xcode is when there’s an error on a line, and there is, but the error message is something completely unrelated.

I'm convinced he was a friendly plumbing spirit. I'll never forget you; you were here so briefly I'm not sure you even existed at all.

Plumber came today to fix a large leak. He came to the door smiling, was here 10 mins, fixed the issue, laughed joyously, and said goodbye.

Not sure why the new version of iTunes removed the custom, album cover based playlist background colors, but I'm sad they're gone.

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