macOS network settings screwing with docker-compose is the web-development version of iTunes needing to be closed for Xcode to update.

I’m just hoping that my 2014 rMBP doesn’t get too slow. Animations, etc were already slow sometimes on base camp Sierra.

So happy to get my copies of The Storm Before the Storm. Couldn’t stop smiling when the THoR theme played at the start. /cc @mikeduncan

Current Status: Reverting my iOS app’s codebase, commit by commit, and running it on this one phone to get it to crash on me.

Kinda funny that Silicon Valley stays so away from the government. They do such similar work. Law for computers vs law for people.

Bugs exist in Law too. We call them loopholes, and lots of people depend on/hate certain “unintended features”.

I loved this one “bug” in my newsreader. It let Siri read articles with the screen locked. When they “fixed” it, I was sad.

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