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I guess I never noticed, but YouTube has a Local News section and it’s actually for local news in it. Well done.

Andrew Yang [Then]:

Send everyone $1000/month to guarentee basic resources and resilience to every American.

… months pass and COVID-19 crisis escalates in the US.

Congress [Now]:

So… that $1000 thing.

What if he’d been fiddling the whole time, and only then, under the ongoing threat of fire, did everyone finally notice?

Immediately after I get an email from Cox about how they could handle the surge in traffic due to Coronavirus, my internet drops. and The Social Web

Today, joins the Social Web as a full-fledged member!

…When you reply to a post, uses Webmentions to let the recipient know you’ve responded to them, and if they respond back, you’ll see their response in your Mentions

There’s so much good stuff to be had in this release!