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It’s not every day you find out that the company that makes two of your favorite whiskeys is older than the country you live in.

As the final votes come in, the predictions for the midterms become further and further from reality. No one on Nov. 6th would have said 234/201 split in the house but that’s where we’re headed.

Congrats to Jared Golden for winning ME-2. It was a hard fought victory. It made my day to hear that Jared won because of the more representative ranked voting system that Maine recently adopted.

Today marks the first day in 3+ years that I don’t have a Twitter app on my phone.

Goodbye Tweetbot. You’re great software but Twitter isn’t good for me.

(Btw if you’re seeing this on Twitter that’s because my posts are crossposted from

Duncan Hunter won by less than HALF of the student body of the local community college.

Your vote counts! Elections are won on slim margins.

My laptop fan is going crazy because I have this article open in another tab, saved for later. It’s been maxed for like 10 minutes before I saw what was causing it.

I hate the web sometimes…