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Tonight I saw Interpol (one of my favorite bands) and Morrissey.

Seeing Morrissey live is really surreal. He’s someone that I’d filed under “an artist I’ll never actually get to hear live”. That is no longer true.

Whenever I mention’s App Store status I have trouble with App Review. That trend can’t go on forever can it?

I’ve run into a really unexpected, and unwelcome API change in UITextView after testing on iOS 13. No idea how I’m going to get around it.

There’s few things more demoralizing to me than the idea the huge, foaming wave of support that elects a Warren or Sanders presidency crashing to a halt into the unbreakable stone walls of the fortress that is the Mitch McConnell led Senate.

I should be sleeping, but there’s at least 15 military ranks I’ve never heard of and their Wikipedia pages aren’t going to read themselves.

I totally did not just spend 3 hours lost in Wikipedia reading about the history of corporations, legal personhood, regulatory agencies, and the pluralization of Postmaster General.