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One of the worst things that can happen to a system of government is that its rules become biased towards one party. When the system is against you, it looks illegitimate. Illegitimate systems die. When we start to see the system as biased, its time to do some tweaking.

Regardless of political preference, the systems we use to enact policy (progressive or conservative) shouldn’t be biased towards one outcome. The system should strive to be neutral and self-preserving. A system that incentivises bypassing its own rules will not endure.

Of the three branches, the Supreme Court and the President have the power to negate acts of Congress. The bicameral Congress also exherts a negating check on ambition. Institutions already exist to preserve the status quo; something must exist to push us forward.

Congress’ job is to consider options and take votes on matters, but simply ignoring the problem is a valid political move in our republic. This turns Congress into a branch that prefers inaction.

IMO the biggest flaw in our Madisonian System, which I think has a lot of benefits, is that the cost of doing something is nowhere near the cost of doing nothing.

Our system incentivises inaction.

Thought Experiment:

A Constitutional Amendment that any bill passed by one chamber of Congress, but not taken to a vote in the other chamber by the end of the session is deemed “tacitly approved” and sent to the President.

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We currently have no plans on continuing [DBZ Abridged]…

I’ve loved DBZA for over a decade. It brought new life to a show I loved, but when the magic of making a thing is gone, it’s time to move on.

I wish the TFS team all the best.

Apple, don’t feel like you have to wait for me to say something. I’ll take a new 13″ MacBook Pro with that improved keyboard any day.

“We will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions.”

This is false.

Please, everyone: Electronic Voting is not good. It sounds like it should be, but it isn’t.

Glaring security issues aside, how much do you think you should trust election results to apps that can’t go hours without crashing?

@ezraklein’s last episode of Impeachment Explained really expresses the same frustration, concern, grief, and anxiety that I’ve felt during the whole of the impeachment trial. This episode was a cathartic release for both him and the audience.

Today concludes the hunt for a bug that has been plaguing the in-dev version of Adventurer’s Codex for over 6 months.

The fix was 6 characters long.

Seems like there’s a bug in the Timeline API. The web timeline works fine, but the iOS app is having some issues because of this bug. Fix is incomming later tonight. Apologies on any confusion.

I started reading the Federalist Papers after the podcast came out. They’re also really good. What it would be to have podcast by Alexander Hamilton?