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But sometimes the easiest solution is also the most effective. Halting all evictions/rent payments is hard because the Fed Gov doesn’t control landlords who’s mortgages aren’t federally backed.

Instead of cancelling rent (which hurts landlords) or pausing rent/evictions (which helps renters until the order expires), the Federal Government could just pay rent for people who can’t.

If anyone would like or Adventurer’s Codex stickers please email me (brian at brianschrader dot com) and include your mailing address and which stickers you want.

There’s limited supply, so act fast.

D.C. should be a state. Puerto Rico should be a state. Guam should be a state. American Samoa should be a state. We should not have territories in the 21st century.

I called my Rep about DC statehood last week and the aide on the phone told me that she really appreciated the attention to this issue and that they rarely get calls about it.

Calls matter! Do it!

Just discovered turbolinks by Basecamp. It’s stupid awesome. It makes your server-rendered HTML site (i.e. Django/Rails) feel like a SPA w/ no effort.