Listening to Single Payer Federalism.

“States Rights” can give and take away. If California, Massachusetts, or New York want Medicare For All, why can’t we do it?

If we free up the federal limits on state spending, we make it possible for states to try MFA on their own.

Unrelated: I’m getting closer to enabling Webmentions on Once it’s done, bloggers on will be able to mention, reply to, and converse with each other and the wider web.

Moonlighting projects is hard work. You work on it during odd hours and for little to no immediate benefit. It’s a labor of love.

If I have seen further it is only because I stand on the shoulders of giants.

Software is always built on top of someone else’s work.

For example: I can both admire and respect Bill Gates’ work fighting disease and helping eliminate global poverty AND think that a class of people with that much wealth maybe shouldn’t exist at all.

Reminder: You are allowed to have complex opinions.

You can love one aspect of a thing and hate the other and that’s ok. Humans are complex.

The fact that iOS, by default when making requests, includes the app name and build number in the User-Agent is super useful.

How is 30GB of disk space not enough for you Xcode? Your primary purpose seems to be to fill my disk with simulators, derived data, and documentation then complain I don’t have enough space for your updates.

I just wanted to upload a beta build to TestFlight. Apparently, I need to update my Mac to update Xcode to upload my build.

To start off the series, here’s a couple random funny shots from the trip.

Free Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi – Montjuic, Barcelona


Marie Antoinette – Conciergerie, Paris

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting photos from my trip to Barcelona and Paris. You can follow them by following by photoblog in any RSS reader (including or watch out for them on Twitter.

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