My laptop fan is going crazy because I have this article open in another tab, saved for later. It’s been maxed for like 10 minutes before I saw what was causing it.

I hate the web sometimes…

I know they’re doing it because of the enormous amount of criticism they got after 2016, but seeing reminders to vote on almost every social networking site really hammers home how important voting is.


Vote tomorrow.

Do it.

It’s too late now, but if you have trouble getting to a place to vote, sign up for mail voting. It’s great.

But still, vote tomorrow. Don’t forget!

If you’re tired of social media sites and their algorithms deciding what you see, give a try.

Follow almost anything on the web, not just other users, and get a simple, chronological feed from stuff you follow with no ads, trackers, or algorithms.

It’s 2018 and I want a plugin for git that adds the Sean Connery versions of the commands.

> git shtatush
> git shtash pop
> git rebashe

This is my basil plant, and it’s gotten pretty big.

I kinda want to make a bot to post pictures of it every morning.

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