If your web framework doesn’t have an automatic Django or Alembic style migration system, I’m just not interested. No amount of convenient ways of returning JSON will make me give up a sane data migration strategy.

It’s 2019, I should not have to write SQL to do data migrations.

Just found some pantry items that I forgot I bought last week. This is awesome because now I don’t have to go to the store tomorrow!

Past me FTW!

A couple cool features coming with this release. Excited to share them once App Review goes through.

Today was bugfix day: lots of tweaks and improvements plus finalizing some stuff from last week.

Uploading to the App Store now!

A D&D story where a group of evil deidra send out cursed magic items in the mail. Adventurers must journey to their lair to stop them.

Welcome to The Curse of the Mailer Daemons: Return to Sender

It’s time for the “I’m hungry and don’t want to go to the store, so let’s see what I can throw together with what I have” game.

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