Also, Google’s docs for this assume you’re guilty and you want to create new ads. What happened to presumptions of innocence?

All bow to the all-knowing algorithm!

In unrelated news some of my ads on Google we’re suspended and I have no idea why. Apparently, Google considers to be malware?? I do not have time to fix this now.

If you build systems that make decisions about people’s livelihoods: Please include the reasons why the system made the decisions it did, or at lease a clue.

You don’t often see them but you can find some of them on your local news. They’re struggling to cope, but they are trying. Look to your local leaders. They’ll have more effect on you than the Federal Government will.

Since I’m a consultant for San Diego County, I’ve been pulled into working on the emergency response to COVID-19. In this time of crisis, look to your local goverments: city and county. There are thousands of people working hard and looking out for you and for your community.

I guess I never noticed, but YouTube has a Local News section and it’s actually for local news in it. Well done.

Andrew Yang [Then]:

Send everyone $1000/month to guarentee basic resources and resilience to every American.

… months pass and COVID-19 crisis escalates in the US.

Congress [Now]:

So… that $1000 thing.

What if he’d been fiddling the whole time, and only then, under the ongoing threat of fire, did everyone finally notice?

Immediately after I get an email from Cox about how they could handle the surge in traffic due to Coronavirus, my internet drops.

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