If you knew that you’d have to work with the other party, and that a majority house could be controlled by a minority speaker, wouldn’t that foster more centrist bipartisanship? There’d be no incentive to obstruct the process and wait until the next election to do what you wanted.

“Quick! Traffic is spiking! Increase the parser throughput and tighten the rate limits on non-critical queues!”

“Aye aye!” *flips big lever*

Developers sometimes talk about “tuning a system” or having “levers” and “switches” to configure things. I want real levers and switches. I want to tune my feed parsing cluster like a pilot or a sailor does a plane/ship.

That was stressful. Thankfully I have extensive backups.

Pine.blog users: Apologies, but an error caused me to have to restore from last night’s backup. You might notice that you have to log out and back in to use the app and that your likes from this morning are missing.

My sincerest apologies. Everything is good now and that problem should never happen again.

Spent a little time trying to resurrect an old hobby app of mine. It never launched but I’m gonna try to maybe get a beta out soon.

It seems like a bug, that I thought was killed in 1.3.1, still lives. If your timelines break after switching you can quit and restart the app to fix it. It’s rare but it’s there.

Because of the App Store’s holiday schedule, I’m not sure if I can get an fix out before next week.

I noticed that feeds haven’t been updating since last night. Had to restart some a piece of Pine.blog this morning. Should be working again. New posts will appear shortly.

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