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The Postal Service is a national treasure, an essential service, an example of what democratic institutions should be. USPS built this nation and we need it to thrive. As always, call your Reps and Senators. Let them know we need USPS.

I see a lot of people raving about the Post Office now that it’s in huge trouble and the President is undermining it. Welcome to the fight!

This week, I just discovered what Goodreads actually is. Good thing the site was only recently started in…

*checks Wikipedia*

2006… huh.

If I posted: “This has been a productive morning,” you would be well within your rights to flag that post as misinformation.

Lately, I have become a human Lending Library.

Perhaps the greatest thing about physical books is that they can be easily shared.

Sing it with me:


It’s not a Podcast if it’s proprietary.

If I can’t subscribe how I want then it’s not for me.

Podcasts are open, like by definition.

To publish a Podcast you don’t need permission.

🎵 is going to go down for a few minutes. This is all a part of scheduled maintenance on the host servers.

I’ll go first. I’m reading a ton more than I used to. Since May I’ve read 4 books start-to-finish, finished 3 in-progress books on my shelf, and I’m halfway through another now.

Poll: Do you find yourself reading more (books, long articles, etc) during the past few months? Yes or No? Why?