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Apparently Xcode just updates itself while you’re using it. This process can apparently destroy Xcode’s ability to read the core frameworks. Quitting and relaunching Xcode fixes the issue but now I have to reinstall “Additional Components”…

I finally reached a breaking point. The smoke in San Diego is nowhere near Portland-level, but it’s still bad. I’m now wearing a mask indoors to filter the air. I’ve had headaches and eye strain for days from the smoke and haze. Air purifier is on order too.

My Apple update for today: I shattered the screen on my iPhone X like a month ago, haven’t gotten it fixed because reasons, and I just put the SIM into my old 6.

I couldn’t decide what show or YouTube video to watch, so I turned off the TV and now I’m just sitting on my couch, with a snack, listening to an audiobook. Who needs video?

The Meme Retraction Cycle:

  1. See a meme on twitter about a show I like that relates to 2020
  2. Share meme
  3. Further investigation reveals that the meme is doctored
  4. Retract like and tell everyone

Editing DNS records is like Ritual Casting as a D&D Wizard. Both take 10 minutes to resolve and no one wants to wait that long.