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If you lack context for my reasoning: it has to do with the fact that 100,000 people have died and that number is still climbing (fast).

We’re making progress, don’t screw it up.

Eating outside I can (maybe) understand, but inside? Hell no.

I personally won’t be eating at a restaurant (inside or outside) for some time yet.

And yes, that means that my entire programming career has been on one of two keyboards, both at work and home (I have multiple K750s). I have had it very good.

It’s amazing how good you can be when your keyboard is always the same.

I have used the same model of keyboard for 6 years (either the keyboard on my Macbook Pro, or the Logitech K750). The Logitech adapter no longer works reliably on new Macs, so I’m having to move to a new keyboard.

I am not enjoying the transition.

I can’t believe that Migration Assistant managed to bring over even my janky blog engine and Python 2. Well done Apple.

I’ve only ever used Migration Assistant to move between my Macs. It’s always been a seamless experience.

Anyone out there ever had problems with it?

Life as a web dev is full of constantly encountering errors on other people’s sites and diving into the dev tools to figure out why.

How do normal people use computers?

Also if Warren was chosen as VP, the left would really need to re-evaluate if they “lost” this cycle. I’d call that a pretty damn-fine job.

I’ve been trying some things:

  • Limit potential distractions
  • Read more long form news, articles, and books
  • Try to not just watch TV/YouTube
  • Limit podcasts
  • Follow the news but not constantly

In other words, be mindful of my own attention.

Obviously at home it makes no difference since I have a WiFi connection, but disabling cellular data and a couple other recent habit changes have helped keep my mood up lately.